Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final Round Robin Journal; Travel

The final round robin book; the theme was Travel.

Where have you been? Where would you like to go?

At first my thoughts were of the ocean. I've dunked my tootisies in a few. But that idea quickly became too unwieldy for just two small pages.

So I decided to think about where I would like to go on terra firma; and the thought struck me as funny; we spend thousands (millions globally) to travel to exotic destinations; for fun, relaxation & enlightenment. The last one I focused on. All those lenghthy (and quite expensive I assure you) pilgrimages to travel to places where money has no meaning or value. I don't know the physical costs to travel to the Himalaya's but I'd love to go if it meant seeing a Snow Leopard. Likewise; rolling around some spit of an island where what you could make was the cost of what you wanted. I read that the key to happiness was to 'give away that which you most desire';

but none of our neighborhood kids wanted my Ben&Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

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