Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Round Robin Journals

First theme was "Keys to an Artful Life?" My the page on the left has a piece of paper that I used my flat edged calligrahpic nib to enscribe the single word "Leap" as in: taking a leap of faith in your art. Just go for it and trust it will happen the way it should. The page on the right is about "Giving birth to yourself" so I used my silk cocoons & painted them & then added beads & various materials & sequins for glitz.

This theme explored the "Gypsy theory" So I created a page on the right to depict the Gypsy in your soul using a musical motif. The script on the left page was done on vellum with a simple round point calligrahpic pen. I'm not fond of that nib but it worked well here. The flowers were from my garden years ago that I had pressed & long forgot in some waxed paper. The beauty of these little books is rediscovering all the little 'treasures' you've found or kept along the way of your journey. Giving them new meaning and a new life by giving them to someone else.

These theme was about 'play' or finding your inner child. The first phrase that came to my mind was "Say Say oh playmate" . The pictures are of me as a child. I don't have many of those and these are quite fun. The page on the right is me singing the rhyme with my dress spread out calling for my friends to come play with me. I like the image reversal of the dress shape to the butterfly shape. The button flowers were fun to do. The page at left is about riding fast to catch your dreams. The dream catcher was a found item that needed a little tlc of glue but worked beautifully with the colors. The little 'medicine bag' I made out of the end of a silk tie from Italy. I left the tag that say's 'hand made' and added the saying I made up and wrote on the vellum sheet. The washer on the bottom of the bag say's 'dream'.

I'll post more shots as the months go on. There are eight of us participating. I have had the pleasure of seeing my own journal as each of my friends create something in it using my theme and it's simply gorgeous! What a treasure itself will be that I shall keep always and forever!


  1. These pages are great! The size is perfect to really explore the topic and techniques.

  2. This is too fun to see your interpretation of the book theme that I did the previous month. I am so glad that we did this!


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