Monday, April 22, 2013

Where would we be without our furriends?

In a tough spot I'll tell ya!  
All advice is taken in, processed and so very appreciated!

Ms. Jenga got a steroid shot on Saturday and last night (Sunday) Ms. Jenga had eaten a tiny bit of her dinner.  By this morning she was waiting patiently by her dish!  When I put in the last of her Fancy Feast (ick) and doused it with Forti Flora she nibbled it but didn't clean the plate.  

Our good buddies over at Trout Talkin Tabbies said we should try some special stuff for Ms. Jenga to see if she would eat more. They said we should try something called Nutri Cal.  It's a gel type stuff (like petromalt-but it's not for hairballs) .  It's loaded with protein so picky eaters or sick kitties off their food can ingest it easier.  I was leery as Ms. Jenga is exceedingly  picky (and I mean that, she will starve herself before making any changes!).  I bought her some Royal Canin as well (just a tiny bag to try out).  I mixed the Nutri Cat, RC kibble & Forti Flora together.  

The bottom of this dish was full at dinner time a couple hours ago. 

This is progress!!! 
(the shiny stuff is the Nutri Cal)
I will also be giving her a 'strip' of the gel directly on her paws before bedtime.  

As long as Ms. Jenga continues to eat, she also seems to be more restful at night time. (trust me, for a few nights we were both up several times with her rumbly tummy and barfs.)  

When I got home from work tonight and after she had eaten a bit, I took her over my shoulder outside to enjoy the last rays of the sun & she loved spreading out on the warm concrete and taking in some fresh air. 

I know these are temporary things, I know nothing will stop the mass now growing inside her.  But it is my duty to keep her comfortable, well hydrated, nourished and happy during this final part as she readies for her next transition... 

I can't thank you all enough for bearing with us during this difficult time; your purrs, hugs and ear bending are invaluable to her and me.  

Thank you all 
We love you

That Woman


  1. Stella,We are beside you, giving you hugs, the shoulder of comfort and back pats and our strength!
    Nellie's Mom

  2. We're glad Ms. Jenga is eating some and seems to be comfortable. We continue to purr for her...and we know you will do what's best for her. oxoxox

  3. One thing the Human tries to remember is that sweet Miss Jenga is not worried or afraid, she is just going with the flow. It is the Humans who worry about the future, of what might happen tomorrow, or next week. We kitties live in the eternal now, with no fear or dread. Miss Jenga will be fine, here with you and your family, Human and Feline, for however long, and then at the Bridge (whatever happens when we all Move On). The Human forgets this sometimes and works herself into all kinds of worrying when any of her kitties has gotten sick, but she does *try* to remind herself that it is HER and not the kitty who frets so much.

    Tonight we are very glad to hear that she is feeling better and has eaten. We will purr and purr for you both (even though the Human doesn't purr nearly as well as I do!)

  4. Purrs to you and Miss Jenga - I am glad she is eating a little better.

    I wonder if that Nutrical tastes any better than it did a few years ago. My human tried to give me some, since I a perpetually underweight, but I thought it was nasty!

  5. We are sending pawsitive purrs and purrayers to you and Miss Jenga. XOXO

  6. We're glad Miss Jenga is eating some. We're sending our special purrs for both of you.

  7. I missed the crisis, it seems. Miss Jenga's giving you the dirty eye, I see.
    Hugs and purrs

  8. Mom has been busy so just scanning the headlines of friends' posts in Dashboard reader, so we missed finding out about the mass in Miss Jenga;s abdomen. We hope she will continue to be more comfortable ans able to enjoy some food, and little walks into the sunny garden with you. Sweet thing, many purrs coming your way, Jenga, and That Woman, Mom sends a hug to you, knowing this must be very hard for you to see her former elf going. We are here with you in spirit.

  9. We are very glad Miss Jenga is getting more comfortable. Wel'll keep up our purrayers for all of you.

  10. We are all sending our best purrs to both of you. Oh, and lots of hugs too.

  11. This is very good to hear! Purrs to you both.

  12. miss jenga...we bee trooly happee ewe iz eatin....trooly...

    eatin, drinkin N usin de box......

    N pleez ta let yur mom noe...make sure EWE eat de nutri cal off yur paw N her seez ya due it... coz de stuff, onze dried.....iza mezz....ta get off yur toes ore off wear ever ya mite walk N leeeve a trace.....less her getz it up rite a way...

    squirt sum down sum fish throatz & munch a way....couple hundred flounder will due ewe good ! :)

  13. pea ess...we dinna meen ta make... EWE.... sound we noe yur mom wuz knot gonna eat it....guess her could...but .......

  14. Purring to Miss Jenga!

  15. Purrs and hugs to you all. I know how hard it is.


  16. Sending extra purrs and loves tonight! XOXOXOX

  17. Awww... we love you and Ms Jenga too.
    I wish I could do something more than send purrs and my human hugs... We are sending more your way.
    ((((purrs & hugs))))

  18. Sending love to Miss Jenga. Without Royal Canin foods for Admiral, she would have faded faster. She LOVED the dry and the wet both. I still had to give her appetite enhancers (prescription) but she would eat thaose things where she wouldn't eat her Fancy Feast. She loved RC wet "Intense Beauty". Please ask Miss Jenga to try that too. Their foods are extra aromatic and that helps the babies smell it and want to eat.
    Love to Miss Jenga, always.


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