Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OMCods & Starfish!


I'm speaking to you indoor kitties; you know, you guys who are inside kitties & you like it!
I need your halps.

I have been informed that I must remain locked in against my will  indoors now too.  I don't know how you stay sane.  

In fact, I been tellin That Woman like 4 ever  I'm all stiff from layin around all day! 
She don'tz believe me.  I gotta do somethin!
I can't take it! 
A Kitty can only take so much and then there's gonna be crack! A crack I mean... A crack.  
No matter how I use my lazers on that back door the invisible forcefield stays in place. 
I even go over there and give it my toeless paw of doom, for hours, and nothing... ka-dink, ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink...you get the idea...

 It's inpregnat, inpreggo,  I can't open it!
That Woman threatens me with by reaching over and just touching the liquid lava squirt bottle and I know I gotta high tail it outta there (though I ususally wait for the Ornj one to come over cos he's really spasi-modo over flying water!) 

I will stand at the foot of her otherman and meyowl at her, non stop, for like; HOURS!
She just gives me The Look and tosses one of them fishie shaped treats *that no other kitty gets!* and tells me to 'go lay down'.

Go Lay Down?



My ouchie footie.
I swears it's cos I'm locked up and can't go excersize it!

Just the other day after I ruthlessly chased that Ornj Mutant Mancat through the house, ran skidding on the little rug you see behind me there on the shiny floor, chased that hissy b*tch Tuxie (ok, that one was kinda fun cos you should see her when she 'runs' and she's all so short and so her body looks like a litte brick on a train track all chugga chugga and no choooo choooooo) but nothing... NOTHING, it's still ouchie. 

Ok; I gotta go lay down, more laters dudes.
Thanks for alla loves, treats & headbutts, I surely could use 'em and they felt nice.

Ms. Stella
***prisoner X***


  1. Poor Ms. Stella! It sounds like your are bored out of your gourd! You probably need ALL sorts of stimulation - places to climb, interactive toys, treat balls (those plastic things with holes that your human puts treats in, and that you have to work at to get to. We kitties get all of that (although in my opinion, not enough of any of it).

    If you already have all that, I don't know what to tell you!

  2. I'm the 4th kitty living with M & D and I'm allowed outside only with a leash and harness. M's other kitties were only indoor kitties. The person above my comment gave very good suggestions. It will be touch for a couple of weeks, but eventually you will get the idea that you can't go outside anymore. I don't get to go outside any time I want to - only when my humans feel like taking me out. But I guess that's better than nothing.

  3. Ms. Stella, I also would love to go outside but I rarely get to. It's so unfair!

    I sure hope your paw feels better soon.


  4. But is the human playing with you? You can maybe chase her inside?

  5. Ms. Insane Stellie, could you go outside on a harness or is that just TOO awful? What about one of those mesh cat tent thingummies? At your age, you should get to do WHAT YOU WANT. dammit.

  6. Me thinks yous should asks her in your loudest voice on the middle of the night! Yous never knows, it MIGHT work...

  7. I don't like outside. There are rude introoder kitties out there, random dogs, and STICKY PEOPLE. It's just so much less stressful to stay inside and nap in the closet all day.

  8. Poor Ms. Stella! We think you need some new form of entertainment. Now, would be a pawsome time for a new toy or cat tree....

  9. stella...trust uz...we haz seen what lies bee yond yur door


    stayin inside wear itz knot onlee safe N

    burd free

    but ya haz ax cess ta tee vee..mewvies..computerz...online shoppin...de cell ewe lar dee vise...de big square box fulla food and ree clinerz chairs !!

  10. We are all inside only kitties and we seem to entertain ourselves..,just takes practice!

  11. We hate seeing you with an ouchie foot. We've always been inside kittehs, so we aren't really sure what advice to give you. Though perhaps, one of those special fences for kittehs so they can go out in the backyard? A screened in porch?

  12. I'd be happy to send Greyson over to keep you busy... I wish I knew how great the outdoors was. Sigh.


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