Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slumberin' Sunday

Enjoy your Sunday Easy! 

Update: Kitten Kaboodle
They are all safe and at the shelter.  We will check in a few days to see their pictures online. 

Thank you all so much for the support!

It was hardest on Ellen's dad than anyone else.  He didn't like to admit he'd gotten so attached to them but I could hear the sniffling and tremors in his voice when we spoke after he left the shelter.   
No matter;   I just couldn't convince him that keeping two of the boyz woudla' been good thing for him! 


  1. We sure hope Miss Jenga is doing better. Our Lucky had that problem too. Poor things, it sure isn't any fun for them. Hope you have a super Sunday.

  2. As soon as we heaved Mommy outta the house we got our Easy on...she bovvers us with all her household titivating!

    Purrs for Ms Jenga, and paws crossed the kittens will find homes soon.

  3. Did I miss something again? Drat my company!!!

  4. We hope the kittens find furever homes soon! We're purring for Miss Jenga to feel better too. We're going to enjoy an Easy Sunday now!

  5. That is a great hidey hole! We are all sending purrs for the kittens too!

  6. Oh my Cod--you all have lots of dramas! We are purring for all those kittehs and their sad dad but think you did a very good thing.

    We hope Miss Jenga is feeling better verreh soon. Good pain pills are fun for efurryone--kitties and Humans alike! XOXOXO

  7. We hope those kittens find new homes real soon! And we hope Jenga feels better soon too.


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