Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'Bout Time!

That's better.
I will notify you when I am ready to eat.


for those interested; this cat tree is over 6ft tall, it weighs a ton! We got it recently at a garage sale. I only wish we would have got there sooner as they had two of them! It has really nice carpeting and the wood posts are solid 4x4's. I initially thought Miss Jengs would prefer it given she likes to be up high & the bed at the top is made for er... queensize cats. She's been up on it twice but prefers her other tower.
I was rather shocked to see Ms. Stella using it. The other day she was inside & just had her head sticking out the top hole. Naturally she knew I'd get the camera so she 'turtled' right back in.



  1. Outside! Yes! Me would loves to go outside, but it is COLD! But at least the sun is shining! Today me will sleep in sunpuddles!
    And that tree is pawsome!!!
    Me wants one!

  2. Ms Stella, purrlease let mom take your picture for all of us fans out here?

  3. Is that a bed sheet ?
    COD !!! that's deluxe for outdoor, Miss Stella : )

  4. @Puddy, Oh I WISH Mr. P. But no, sadly it's the dilapidated canopy That Woman had up for the summer. The fierce Santa Ana winds came & blew the beejeebies outta it. You can see how efficient she is at tidying up things...



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