Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thinking Thursday

Here's Me, Thinking that I'll stay here on my couch until it's time to eat again. Unless the sun comes out; then I'll go find the sun puddles & jump in (well, ok, I won't get that enthusiastic; more like wade in).  OR, unless I hear the brush; then I'll walk to the base of the human holding the magic device and flop over so they can see I'm ready for my all over itch relief session.  OR, unless I hear the treat bag rustle at which time I become 'transporter kitty' and magically appear so quickly they think I've just materialized out of thin air. 

After all, I wouldn't want them to think I can move that quickly, they might require it more often so that I might lose weight or some dumb a** thing!  How absurd!  My sole purpose is to lay here and be waited on  hand and paw! be big and soft and fluffy so all the better to comfort them after a long horrid day at work or school.  I am the sole emitter of snugglyon particles *coined by our friend Val* in such vast quantities that The Gurl succoms daily after school.  You see, once she brings MY blanket out from her room;
She gets under it to do her homework; THEN I find my way down from the top of the couch to her lap area and that's it!  Particles flying she soon is fast asleep and I then have the ENTIRE blanket to myself to sleep on for HOURS.  Yay Me! 

Before that boy came THIS room was MINE!
Doesn't anyone want a free mancat???   I'll make you a deal!!  Call me!


  1. I like the way you're holding Gurl's hand, making sure she has no nightmares. This should earn you extra noms for sure.

  2. Oh dear me, you couldn't possibly leave that Gurl, now could you? Where would she get the snugglyon particles if you left her???? Ordinarily I am no lover of the Humans, but that one is still a human-kitten and needs you around to watch out for her.

    It's a tough job, but it's yours!


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