Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Jenga enjoys a walk

Miss Jengs gets some sun (and a dandelion or two).

 I know that Bengal rescue cats that are in my care aren't supposed to go outside at all.  This is to prevent them from becoming 'door darters'

But just look at her!  The sun was out; it was breezy and she LOVES having the sun all over her furrs.  (and dandylions) and since she's been in my care she has been relegated to one room of the house.  My bedroom.  It's about 10ft x 12ft and not much fun to 'get up speed' for a thundering herd of one. 

I H.A.T.E. having her locked in solitary all the time.  But given the alternative since she's not been adopted yet I guess it's better than nothing.   

Jeng's has been with me for nearly two years now.  Still no takers.  She's an older cat and wouldn't 'do' with other cats so that limits her options.  Since she's at my house, and she gets to see Stella go out in the backyard (occasionally they have ladycat chats over the honeysuckle bush) I have been taking the liberty of letting her out for very brief periods of time if the sun is out and I'm right there with her.  She loves it; her eyes get the most amazing color outdoors and she loves to stalk bugs and stand right next to my legs staring up at me chatting.  Such a good girl!   


  1. Wow, didn't know you were fostering a Bengal! She's gorgeous. They are impressive cats. (of course, aren't ALL cats?)

  2. Oh it is so bonkful nice that you can escort her outside for some fresh grass and sunshine. I am sure she looks forward to this with great pleasure!!

    --and BUGS! she is very fortunate to be under your special care. I bet she loves you a lot!


  3. Ray & Bus; I am foster mother to Miss Jenga a Bengal & Mr. Larry who is reported to be a Silver Bengal but he also has some Oriental Short hair or Savannah in him. My own three are of course, #1, Ms. Stella O'Houligan, Miss Jack the pied, and Miss Scraps. :) It's a full house over here!

  4. You could try walking her on a leash like Lorraine does with Venus and Mim. She looks such a happy kitty in all that green.

  5. I love that beautiful girl.

    Admiral's Mommy

  6. I was going to suggest a leash too.

    Is it really two years? That has flown.

  7. Lovely wild look, even if she's just hunting dandilions, hahameow. You could get her a stroller and well, not look too catladylike. I have only used mine outside a time or two (not getting me as much exercise as I promised it would when I purchased it, either!) and the cats love it!


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