Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the subject of... hair

Shamelessly stolen from LOLCats

Doesn't get funnier than that!

I mean seriously!  Look at those kitteh cheeks!  (and stellar frootbats!)

Then we have the on going dilemma of my own hair.  So last night I went from this

To this...

and I'm quite happy about it.  Neckline needs to grow in some but since I rarely look at the back of my neck, I can deal with it.

And since this really is the 'cat blog' here's a shot of Mr. Larry

yup; that's the ceiling and no... we're not hobbits.   I was standing on a chair to get this.  I had moved a roll of calligraphy paper off that basket and next thing you know, Mr. L has decided it's HIS basket now thank you very much!

Here's  a lovely parting shot of Mr. L in his window that is the sun behind him. The curtain is heavy red velvet.  In the morning he greets the day by warming up and watching the birds.  And yes, telling anyone within earshot about each and every flutter.   (Doesn't wake The Gurl though... thank goodness she's a teen & could very well sleep through the apocolypse) 

I'll need to get a shot when he stands up and just sticks his head around the curtin so all you see in his shadow is a headless body but a tail that goes on for miles!  Darling!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Me and mommy LOVE your new hair do. Mom wishes she would just do it herself. Hers goes to top of her bra in length and it's up more than not..what does THAT tell her besides being long it the tooth to allow any more length.(but don't tell her I criticized her please)

    Mr Larry, I could enjoy getting to know you hahameow! ♥

  2. Awww, cute (both of you) and love the 'aerial' cat...

  3. Admiral, you tell your mom there's NOTHING wrong with women 'of a certain age' having longer hair! Whatever makes her feel good (besides you of course) is ALL that matters!

  4. Stacy, you look gorgeous!

  5. I told her, and she decided to keep her hair right now the way it is. But I wanted to tell Stella it was about time she came to see me. I'm rusty too which is why I'm on her bed all the time that I'm not in her spare bed or the thickly padded rocker! No excuses, MOL.

  6. Admiral; That Woman just came home for lunch; it was heavy misty outside and she was standing there calling me (what am I? A dog???) anyhow; she's calling & I'm curled up on my old bathroom mat that is folded on a plastic chair outside next to the house (only it's up high) So, she sees me and what does she do??? She comes over and say's "Oh, I wanted to make sure you were still breathing... that means you were ignoring me ON PURPOSE???"

    Now I ask you, I'm a tolerant Cat. I put up with ALOT... All those loud smoochy kissy sounds she makes on my furrs, (nevermind that I must re-smooth them out for an hour when she's done slobbering on me). All that waiting around I have to do for stinky canned food goodness; all the time I must stand at the foot of her chair until she gets her glasses, opens the treat bag and puts a mere handful on the floor... BUT this? This insinuation that I ignore her ON PURPOSE? I mean really? Is there some other kind of ignoring I've missed? I know you'll tell me. Sometimes I've had it up to my paws with Her!

    solidarity my sistah!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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