Thursday, June 14, 2012


heehee!, gotz my doggie back AND a duck & a...well... I'm just not sure what that other ting is but it's minez too.  That Woman has now resorted to a life of crimes too.  Hers goes to petco for stuffs and always takes handfuls of goggie treats now.  Oh Hers says that they leave 'em out for freez, but I think they don'tz mean you could take handfuls! She says when she tosses MY toys back over dat fence she tosses over treats too.  HA!  I do leave the goggies the treats on acounta I don'tz like 'em but I go right back over dere & getz my stuffs back.  (I do have refined tastes, I will only eat everything BUT goggie treats) I Rock!


  1. Lookmat that happy and proud smile!

  2. HaHaaMeow! You look so pleezed wif yourself!

  3. You know what enrages me? (Well, do you know what PARTICULAR thing enrages me TODAY?)

    Why is it that wherever the Human go there are bowls of free treats for the freaking DOGS and nefur a nice bowl of free Temptations or greenies or whatever to bring home to the Kitty. I mean, don't they know the Kittehs would like a treat also? But nooooooooo! All the bowls have DOG treats.

    It's an outrage, that's what it is.

    Oh, and nice toys.

  4. Waydaminit! They have free doggie treats out at Petco?? What about us cats?? We deserve free treats too!!

  5. And! Wat does the Doggies Next Door thinks of yous?.?.? If yous lived her, Cinnamon would eats yous!
    Being the Older cat me is.....

  6. Say! How do we start a Life of Crime? Cos it seems like fun...


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