Sunday, March 04, 2012

Softly Sunday

That Woman wanted me to say Thank You to alla you who left comments and sent her emails on her Cat in The Hat tribute. 

It is a picture of a journal quilt she made back in 07 I think.  Each month the artist was to create an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of work. It had to be three layers of fabric, held together by stitching.  That Woman further embellished with the hat with wire words.  It is That Woman's own design.   At the end of the year you chose 8 of your favorite and they got to travel in an exhibit around the planets.  (Later the curator published a wonderful book and one of That Woman's pieces was selected to be in it!)

She created the Dr. Seuss one during  the month of Sept. when The Gurl who was a wee thing at the time, was returning to school. She was feeling all mawkish (Oh, cos that never happens anymore!) and realized how much she missed reading the beloved Dr. Seuss books.  Their favorite to this day remains 'Fox in Socks'.  It's a tongue twister book and each of them falls over laughing at each other when they get carried away.  Even as The Gurl will be 19 on the 28th of this month, and That Woman will reach a milestone in June they are silly and carry on sniggering when someone mentions 'poodle eating noodles'.  You can see from the photo above  how I act when they get the giggles.  Honestly, you'd think they would have more decorum. 

Happy Sunday!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Well I hopemthose giggles don't disturb your cute snoozy!

  2. Mommy should get mawkish! Especially about their kids and human and furry.
    We think it was wonderful that your Mommy's art got to be seen by so, so many peoples! It is fabulicious!

  3. We're glad all that giggling didn't affect your nap!


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