Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sun and Other Drugs

Zzzzzzzz Wha?

"I'm not even gonna say it"

"you put your right (or left, or both) foot(s) in..."
"oh fer cryin out loud Scraps! we aren't to the 'whole self in' part yet"

Resting after the games

Miss Jenga with her back to everyone

"why yes, it is hilarious watching you wrap your arm all the way around me to try and get my face but guess what human? I can turn my head! "

oh yes; very classy shot of Ms. Stellies feets

For my Mancats

Oh, and one more xoxo

The other drug... (salmon flavor if you want to know)

edit: there were 4 as i was clicking the button on the camera!


  1. But puutty feets is the best feets in the world!

    Your captions always make my day !

  2. Ha! What a great way to spend the weekend! sun puddles, quiet games, friends and SALMON!
    PS Kozmo LOVES the tummy shot

  3. Those two bellah shots were great! Mommy luffed the toesies best, though. xoxo


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