Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing the Love

Meezer Loves

In case you haven't met Miss Penelope, she has a blog called

I started following her because well, after a blog title like that how could I not? and after reading some of her posts I knew I had found a true inspiration!

That Woman has a softie spot for Siamese kitties (Meezers) and Miss
Nellie has a level of cattitude that I dream of emulating.

Anyway it was that brat Kozmo's Birthday (The Tuxie that lives with Miss Nellie) so I ordered That Woman to make a CatNip quilt for them both.

Miss Penelope's name is in rose thread and That Brat Kozmo's name is in black and white variegated thread (Miss Jack picked it out owing to her being a fellow tuxie and all)

I am happy to report they both love their quilt and Miss Nellie makes sure she whaps Kozmo when his turn has gone on too long.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. What a beautiful work !
    What a beautiful inspiration !!!

  2. Beeyootiful. We must get Mommy to get us sum quilts too! Happy Thursday. xoxo

    If you think Nellie is bad, check out our Precious (in name only) on Tuxie Tuesday. Haf mercy.

  3. Nellie is just way cool and we love reading her blog too!

  4. Meowzas! Me loves seeing pictures of beautiful me! And me LOVES my quilt! Mommy putted it on my pillow in the window. Me loves to sit there and watch what is happening in town. When me lays on it, me feels like the queen me is!
    Me loves yous all and is sending many kitty kisses and purrs to yous guys!

  5. She's a beautiful kitty and the quilt is lovely too! That Woman is very talented!

  6. Oh I have been a fan of Nelly's for ever so long. I adore her and so does mommy,. although you, Ms. Stella remain my hero. Nelly and Kozmo just make mom and I wish we were there with them.

    Their new quilt is GORGEOUS! Mine is too. I wish I could show it off again. Many of my piccies have it in them.


  7. That is one beautiful quilt! I think Nellie will keep Kozmo from hogging it. I'm a little scared o fher, to tell you the truth. But in a good way.


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