Thursday, October 20, 2011

SoCal Snow Storm

We (who the heck is 'we' anyway?) are reporting to you live (as opposed too?) from sunny so-cal which is now being dubbed 'snow-cal' after a fierce localized
snow storm struck this isolated living room.

Reports indicate no one was harmed by the sudden flurry and in fact the only witness appears to be this cat (oh sure, never mind the photographer with frostbite) who is unmoved (trust us, it would take lots more than this to move her!) by the sudden blanket of snow.

We (what, again?) have been assured the feline known as 'Miss Jack' -aged 11-- has resided at this sofa her entire life and has repeatedly been likewise unmoved during past severe weather instances. Miss Jack pawsed to re-assert her innocence regarding the rain of fish incident.

until next time...

Mitten Up!



  1. Looks pretty cozy fur a snowstorm! Mebbe you could use a cuddle?

  2. The mom says she could handle that kind of snow all winter. :-P

  3. Now if that was the blanket of snow wes gots around here in the winter, me would not mind at all!

  4. Ha ha ha! You look like you could use a furriend there...maybe a snowball fight??


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