Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stellie's Lament

Hey Guys,

Eber since those kitties over at the Lounge founded their Zombie Lizard; I been on da lookout for 'em too! 

I wents out to the Lizard tree where they hidez in my yard- you might need to giant the photo.  Youz cants really see me coz I be in my cammycamoffl , I'm hidin'!
Acorse That Woman (ya'll know the one... daft human; 'bout yea tall, cantz lay off the flashy box) wull She come out stickin her big nose (and flash box) all up in my ninja skillz grill 
Here's me all like "What in  the Hell??' 
and what do you thinks happend?

Ya well; you can betcher bag o'nip treats they ain't a comin out now with Her steppin all over da place and makin googlie eyes at me!  It's just so embarrassing sometimes


I'm thinkin a packin up my ride & rollin on over to da Lounge.  At least THEIR mom understands!


  1. Your mom ruined your Good Time, plain and simple! How rude of her! Maybe you'll get another chance at a lizard...without human interference!

  2. We have a lizard over here for you...take him, PLEASE!

    ha ha ha! our word is "forked"!

  3. MOMMMmmmmm! youre ruinin' it!

  4. Stop by here even tho it's thousands of miles east of where you're going. You're
    My hero.

  5. The Lounge mommy is the coolest mommy ever! We'd love to go there too!

  6. Oh noes...bipeds are clueless sometimes...hah, just let them try to catch a bird or a lizard with their paws, hahameow!

  7. See, the Katnip Loungers already came through!!!

  8. My human is ALWAYS interrupting my hunting to take pictures, how rude! Mom's can be so embarrassing!!!

  9. Well, if I am not mistaken, the only lizards the Lounge kitties get are the really super dumb ones that wander into their Catio to commit suicide, LOL! (Well, unless The Baby brings in one from her outdoor excursions--but that last little one she dragged in? She didn't even dedded it!) I think you'll do way better outside, Ms. Stella.


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