Sunday, July 17, 2011

From Miss Jenga

Bonjour Kitties!
Miss Jenga here; come to give you a tour of what occupies That Woman on Saturdays
well,  ME of course... but also the yard.
I go out to help her look over the grounds.  
She laments she is only one old decrepit person and it's a giant yard and too much work, but we 
do what we can to help her by not letting her hear us sniggering behind her back.

She tries to find plants that will be big to offer an overgrown cottage feel, but be drought tolerant. Not the easiest combination. 
Plumerias are wonderful as they don't require maintenance until summer, which is when She likes to be out watering by hand anyhow so they have been prolific.  The one above is over 5 feet tall.  She has several color varieties around the yard but they aren't all blooming yet. This one is a rainbow of pink, yellow & white. 

 Her next 'passion' was this bush.  Er, was a bush; she's trained it into a tree.  It's hard to keep up on it but it's been worth it. She really wanted  Wysteria, but they are difficult and only have a short bloom time (though admittedly so worth it!).  She found this and was quite pleased.  She planted one outside my bedroom window the same time she planted this one 3 looooong years ago. They started out only a foot tall; this one is now a lovely 'tree-in-training' and that is a 6 foot fence it's hovering over now. 

The one by my window looks like this from the outside. 
She has trained the honeysuckle (bright orange) on the left, combined with the brilliant blue-purple of this plant, the combined colors are wonderful and irresistible to our hummers.  Only problem there is they do get right up to the window and on more than one occasion She has been been rudely awoken with an errant cat foot in her face! (serves her right if you ask me!)

Here is what it looks like from my bed

Really the best time is at night; window wide open and we lay underneath feeling the cool breezed and smell the fragrant plumerias as the breeze carries their delicate but strong fragrance across the yard. 

There is also a goldfinch sock hanging there but they are such skittish birds she hasn't been able to photograph them as of yet.  She loves listening to them talk; I talk right back to them but my goldfinichan must be rusty, cos they lite off right away.  Maybe I've got too much 'hawk' in my inflections... hummmmmm..  
Oh well, thanks for readin, I love reading about everykitties gardens so it was nice to share ours. (more or less)

Ms. Jenga


  1. Miss Jenga, It's so nice to see the flowers in your garden, This is delightful for my winter. My mom love the beauty of your flowers, I do love the chance you can get the bugs ( crunchy snacks ) from those flowers : )

    Have a great Monday

  2. Miss Jenga, your garden is terrific! How lucky to have a cool, shady window to bird watch from.

  3. ohhh, how wonderful you can lie looking at those pretty branches and smells! Interesting plants I have never seen.
    Your close up made me laugh :D

  4. Miss Jenga, you have a lovely garden--the plumeria is stunning, not something we've ever seen before.

    And the view from your bed looks serene and magical!

  5. Your garden is so serene, Miss Jenga. Well, except for the lizard and bug slaughtering, that is.

  6. Everything sure looks nice Miss Jenga, and there is some mighty fine whiffin there!

  7. Whoa--I am living vicariously here. You know what I got to look out at? A sidewalk and the street and some houses. Well, and the birdies of course, even if they are mostly pigeons. They do look . . . juicy!


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