Saturday, March 05, 2011

Un Forgiveable

Hey Kittehs!  
It's ME! 

  Ms Stella!

I'm so sorry that I can't be visiting you all yet. 
And thank you to Mr. Spitty for getting her off her arse to at least post this note for me!   

It's all on account of some small box with blinky lights that are supposed to be green

but these were all red 
and angry
and making a ticking noise... 

not good

That poor Woman  who seems to be going thru the trials of Job right now (that's the Bible prophet, not the working market) has had the straw that broke the camels back (Which between you and me are humped anyway so it seems impossible to break one if yer askin' me; which I know you ain't but I'm jus sayin!) 


she was on the ringy thing for h   o   u   r   s   with some thing called the A  t  t  but she was callin' 'em quite something else;  a whole bunch of something else's owing to the fact that she had to call them several times... Anyhow;  my feline decorum will prevent me from uttering them here.


She had to buy a new box.  Not the best news but as the sayin' goes... 'It's always something" right?  Well, she HATES that saying.  I heard her say she will send boxes full of cockroaches to the  next person who says it on account of that will definitely be 'THE NEXT THING that is something... and then THEY will see how unhelpful that saying really is. *sigh* But I digress...

Seriously,  I should be getting a medal for having to listen to all her whining and watchin the 'pursin of the lips' and the 'crossin' of the arms' and the 'hand on the hips!' 

I am the CAT.  I don't CARE about your pitiful human problems.  

I should have plenty of rest
I should have Plenty of sun
I expect "Treats on demand "
Scritches when I want
These are my inaleen..

What else is there?? 
How can it be so hard for her?  
I'm baffled.  

I will be visiting and posting again soon. 
The new box is installed and working properly but SHE claims after all this 'fall der all' and migraines (tail thwap) and working really hard at her 'work' *(eye roll) and working to get deadlines for her quilt shows (yawn) and blah, blah, blah... 
that she will squeeze in sometimez for me to go visiting, purring, and MOL'ing with all my furriends.  

Till then
I'm hanging out where it's safe...
Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Ms Stella,
    Your mom got more works. That's good news ! Means you never ever run out the food, the treats and the toys : )

    I love your safe place ( really good photo ! ), We all will see you when your mom is free !!! ...enjoy your time ! I will miss you : )

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Ms. Stella I am sorry that you can not visit your furriends right now. But Mumsy feels for your mom. She spent some hours on the phone with those same people a few weeks ago...well, a few hours with people after several phone calls and talking to a stupid computer on most of those calls. After all those hours she finally found out there was an outage in the area that lasted a couple of days. Now she don't know why that computer didn't tell her that. patient with your mom she will help you visit your furriends soon. We especially like the last picture. BTW you look beautiful. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Oh you poor girl. Bless your heart. You are REALLY really REALLY going through it Ms Stella, and I know you won'.t take much more of that! Put your paw down! Oh, it is down? Well, then expect to have your will obeyed tomorrow.

    I will also add that you look stunning!! How is your sister Jinga?

  4. grrrrrr! A POX on lousy providers. Oh, and AT&T.

  5. At least your Mom didn't give up completely. It must have been very frustrating, You are looking lovely, in the meantime.

  6. Hopefully things will calm down for your mom....which mean they'll calm down for you, beautiful Stella. Love to both of you.

  7. Oh Miss Stella, do we feel your pain or what? We're getting tired of trying to explain why our mom can't help us blog or visit every couple of weeks or so. Perhaps both of our moms could take classes in time management.

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

  8. don't blame you. I am the same when my Mom gets outta control MOL.

    Hope everything is back in order for you soon! Love, Cody

  9. Oh ... gramma and grampa had the same problem as your mom. Some box broke. My mom and dad had to LEAVE us here at home and they drove out to help them, and came back a long time later... days maybe.
    Okay they live one hour away but Miles and I were starving and hungry and bored and worried for days.

    The things we have to put up with. It is not right.

    bonks and love

  10. O my Cod, Ms. Stella! How can you bear the ineptitude of your Human servant? It's an outrage, that's what it is--an outrage! A beautiful kitteh such as yourself should not have to worry about blinking lights or Job or any of that stuff! I know whereof I speak, too. There have been weeks when my Human will scrape up any poor excuse to postpone helping me blog & visit--as if, as if! there could be anything more important.

    Well, I guess we should give her credit for at least posting this, eh? Be patient, dear one.


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