Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Musing

Hi there!  That Woman here.  Something occurred to me today that I'd like to share with you.  Someone recently posted a comment on this blog in relation to the photos I put up in reference the the rescue efforts in Japan.   I had been trying to distance myself visually from the tragedy in Japan as each time I would see any photograph I'd start crying.

When the CB went full tilt into getting the blogger buttons for aid and links I decided to 'paw up' and post up.  I am happy to do so.  Given that I have no funds to send; it's the very least I can do in promoting awareness.  The commenter made a rather pointed statement of asking why I would post such pictures of animals when there was so much human devastation.  Yes...  you read that correctly.  Apparently for some people it's an 'us vs them' issue.  After I gave this some thought; I decided that I would address my perspective, after all it's my blog.

To me, these are beings in distress. Humans and Animals.  I can hold in my heart and mind the idea that just because one might be covered in fur, walk on four legs, and don't speak our languages:  they are no less relevant to this planet that we are. Period.



  1. It goes without saying that we care about the humans, and many who are donating for the animals have also donated for the humans, but there is a lot of financial support for the humans affected, and Japan now needs to do the right thing to get what is needed to them. We can't be so sure that the animals will be a priority, hence our special concern for them as well. Also, the sense of community of people coming together on their blogs to try to help the animals is heart warming at this horrific time.

  2. Well, I'd say to the commenter that technically humans *are* animals. We're not superior just because we have two legs instead of four, though we *are* the dominant species at this time.

    I would ask the commenter what species would cease to survive if Homo Sapiens suddenly disappeared from the Earth. Not individual household pets, a non-human species. List the non-human species that would cease to exist because humans were no longer on this planet.

    Finally, I would want the person to seriously consider that humans rely on other species for their own survival -- we eat plants and animals. No other species *must* consume *us* to survive. And that we can, in fact, be dealt a fatal blow by various microscopic species.

    So, IMO (and only IMO), that puts humans at the bottom of the food chain, not the top. And certainly far, far from superior.

    Also, I think that to have even a kernel of true Compassion is to have compassion for All Beings. I suspect that those who don't have mercy and compassion and respect for non-human Beings lack those things toward humans as well. After all, suffering is suffering, no matter the species.

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Just because we post to help the animals of Japan does not mean we do not care about the people also. Someone saw my post and left a comment telling me to come see a video on their site and that it told the WHOLE story. I guess that was their way of telling me what you were told in the comment you received. I did not see any animals in that video.

    I am sure most of us if not all of us would like to donate to a lot of places but since we can't we pick the places we choose to donate to and do so. How does anyone know all we have done to help Japan unless we tell them. And we are not obligated to tell if we donate or not.

    You are is your blog and you can choose to post what you want. If we who love animals did not speak for them who would? You posting those pictures reminds everyone that we need not forget those little sweet furries while helping the humans. Hugs

  4. Here's what I say. Many hugs and kissies on your cheek and the kitties too for being who you are.


  5. And let's not forget how much comfort the four-legged fur-people bring to Humans. The people of Japan need every scrap they can get!

  6. The people AND animals in Japan need all the help they can get after the horrible devastation they have endured. We're praying for every being there.

  7. It's a tragedy for any creature in Japan, 2 legs or more. It always blows my mind when people want to make crappy comments about postings on another persons blog, Facebook page, etc. For the love of Pete, if you find you have nothing in common with someone, don't go to their page!

  8. Amen. We loves all the Beings no matter how many legs they have, although The Human might draw the line at spiders. She don't like dem but I think they're quite tasty.

  9. Most of our friends' blog done that, It doesn't mean they don't care about human !

    Let's imagine this way, When you turn off your computer, walk out of your door, go to work or go to milk bar . How many people think about the four-legged in Japan...I bet NONE ! ...2 legs always come first...Look at the news on TV. any channel talk about pet..NOP !!!

    But because we all here love pet, we just want to make sure, they will get some help too ! and lots of us do donation for both being !

  10. I posted a video of a couple of loyal friend doggies..
    To me the heartbreak of them covers both...
    Where are your photos?

  11. Oh well, some humans just can't help but give humans a bad name. Fortunately they are out numbered by the good ones!

  12. and me and mommy still say kisses to you and all of the kitties for being who you are. We like that.


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