Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello and Happy Sunday Kittehs!

I've been working my paws to the bone helping That Woman with her quilt deadline. 
What sort of treats do I get for my trouble? 
A sunny spot to sleep in
And Extra Nip all to myself 
Scraps has her lazers on me but to that I say 'pphhhhhbbbbtttttt!  MY S, MY TURN; I like my S right over the 'wrinkle' in the rug.  

On Sundays we waits for Her to getz her coffee; then she makes 'the wrinkle' and sprinkles it with Nip.  Then we who have all been waiting in the circle of patience get to claw the bejeezubs outta dat ting!  We love it!  Then we flee outside and play chase across the yard.  We all come flying back in with big tails, whiskers up and that crazeee look in our eyes!    

All She has to do then is make a 's' noise and we fling ourselves back outside all excited!

We Love Sundays With Her spending time playing with us; brushing us; giving us treats.  Then we all go off to nap! 
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. We are gonna ask OUR Mommy for a rug wrinkle! That looks like WAY too much!


  2. Very Very Good Schedule for Sunday !
    Happy Sunday to you all : )

  3. Your Sunday sounds wonderful...enjoy!!!

  4. Sounds purrfect to me as well!!!

  5. Your Sunday sounds purrfect! We think every day should be Sunday!

  6. Does she get some Human nip? Cause I think she really needs it if she gonna play and nap with all you stoner cats.


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