Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A note from Miss Jengs

Heya all you cute kitties & hepcats! Sharing a 'Few of My Favorite Things' today.

First; you see me laying on my quilt; well underneath is a warmy blanket; She turns it on before she leaves for work for me on chilly days.
Here is the window above my sleeping AREA. There is that orange flower plant that brings the zippy 'hummer' birds in realllllly close. She loves it because on the weekends we can lie in bed and hear them just inches above our heads!

Since I am a Bengal; I prefer my water in unususal forms. This is my 'water pedestal'.
I only don't like it so much after She cleans it but I deal. Ya, I'm like that.

Of course, my food dish with my favorite Natural Balance kibble. I don't like wet food of any kind, I don't eat people food; I don't like treats; I don't even like stinky fish juice... She say's I'm weird; I just like to think I'm not spoiled like some other cats I could mention!
See this sun spot? Well, after a while, it makes it's way down to the floor.

She comes home at lunch nearly every day and this is where I am when there is sun. Sometimes I get so tired of waiting for Her that I simply collapse!

You may pet me now. Extra scritches make me purrrr reallly loudly when my fur is all toasty!

Here is my tower. It is placed each day in the sun when she pulls back the hangy things.

And last but never least; a clean box!

What more could a girl ask for? I give it err 'one thumb up'

Well, a forever home would be really nice but since I've been here for 19 moons now I think I've sorta found my forever home; I just don't let Her know that. She may get ideas above her station and the last thing I need is trouble with the help. Judging by the state of this room you can see that for yourself!

I mean honestly!


  1. Me and mommy are enchanted by what we've read together. We love your home, Miss Jengs and I, as a cat particularly love your warmy blanket and your quilt. You are treated just as royally as you deserve.

    Your room is beautiful and suits you marvelously. Perhaps one day, you can entertain one older Lady Cat such as I am, for a little sunspot sharing and some cold clear water.


  2. Greetings dear Ms Jengs and Stacy,

    We find you to be rather lovely and I'm saying that without being jealous. When you get to be my age, its all water under the bridge.

    Anyway, we are very impressed by the palatial surroundings of your dig and especially your castle and the warm blanket during the day time for when it is cold.

    Your water pedestal makes me want to have one too. Will just have to have a talk with dad.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  3. Looks like you have found the pefect human for you!

  4. She really has made a beautiful furrever home for you - you are one lucky puss. We say hi to the picture of you She sent us everyday - I hope you can hear it!


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