Friday, October 22, 2010

makin' sure

the whipped cream is the right consistency for when I meet up with Mr. NoFurNo. I will have much on hand in the fridge and when he gets to his ideal weight we will celebrate oh my yes~ The way that only a beautifully furred Female cat such as myself can celebrate with such a Studly, gorgeous naked Mancat such as Himself. Who says humans have all the fun?


  1. Ohhhh...Disco is dreaming of being licked clean by the prettiest brown patched tabby cat of the female purrsuasion...ummm, did ya mean you were gonna cover me in whipped cream and then...oh, no? Maybe we can just share a bowlful then!

  2. Oh yes Mr. D; Ms. S said she would cover you in it and the two of you could lick it off! First one to the middle wins!

  3. OH! ROMANCE! With Disco my favorite man cat!!! OH mommy is so pleased!!!

    You are a beautiful Lady Cat. Mr. D is furry pleased I know!


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