Friday, April 17, 2009

Mosaic ATC Swap

I'll be mailing these out Monday to the ATC coordinator.
They are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.
Mine are entitled 'Your secret's safe with me."

All the embellishments sit atop a gorgeous piece of hand made paper I found. That paper was fused to tyvek for support. Originally, I was going to put lots of things on top but I just didn't like any of what I had and was really drawn to just the simple red piece in the center. This first one is a gift for the coordinator, I like it because it has the rough edge of the paper still on it.

Though simple; there were a lot of techniques going on here. 1. The red 'tablet shard' was made from rolled out sculpy; I took a large rubber stamp that was all script and pressed it into the sculpy and then took a knife and cut it into rectangles. Once it was cured; I painted the surface with acrylic ink.

The 'tassel ends' are all from Bolo ties I collected from a friend. The dark green material was actually a silk carrier rod that I dyed with Calligraphy inks. I sewed them down with some hand dyed embroidery floss.

The Chinese emblems were cut from a bangle bracelet I got at a Claire's store in the mall a few years ago. I affixed them as well as the shards & tassels with glue prior to sewing them down for added security. Then I added the beads. These were really fun; but I hate sewing through ultimately was 2 layers of fabric, tyvek & thick hand made paper that made the substrate.


  1. Was the paper painted already? Beautiful.

  2. Yes; the paper had the gold print on it. I wanted to overlay some different paper & do my own calligraphy too and may still on a different project.

  3. Absolutely stunning!!!

  4. These are wonderful, Stacy. I have seen art in galleries less appealing than this.

  5. really neat. it looks lke it should be framed and hanging in a museum

  6. Lucky people who swap for yours!

  7. The detail that you put into your work is fabulous! The more I look, the more I see. It invited the viewer to explore and discover. Brava!


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