Saturday, April 25, 2009

Canvas Book & Backyard Visitor

My daughter's camera has such hi-res that it takes me forever to resize the photos to post. Here's the Canvas book that was done a few weeks ago.

Front & Back cover: The Peacock 'eye' is captured with a piece of clear cellophane from a page divider. I stitched it down. The 'Bead' was made using sculphy that I rubber stamped & painted. (same as mosaic ATC's)

Same pages with organza dragonfly in between:
The lime green page has newsprint from an Asian newspaper cut into leaf shapes and stiffened with good ol'elmers. The Marsh Wren is hand stamped & watercolored.

My Calligraphy mixed with bird stamps that were water colored.

Page pre-photo shop:

trying to be fancy in photoshop. LOVE! the way the new image draws the eye to different elements than the pre-photo shop image. must play with this more when I have more hours in the day.

Another Organza page that I stamped the hand writing on; it covers 'raw paper' that has leaves in it. The Butterfly (Zebra Swallow Tail) was a picture my daughter took when we were in Big Sur, I printed it out & put it on fusible.

Last two are more 'whimsical'. The bird tag is from K&Company (luv their stuff!).

As promised; Back Yard Visitor to the fruit tree; Wild Parrots. Here's one doing what Parrots do best! Aren't they beautiful!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan makin' a wish!

Fortnight Lily's


  1. They are lovely, stacy. I particularly the dragonfly pages and the photoshopped bird. It does come out completely different from the original.

  2. That is wonderful! Was this a commission, or for something else? I love the calligraphy pages especially.

    (It would have been fun to do something like this with the night garden project!)

  3. Jess; that's a great idea about the night garden. There were so many though. We'd need our own book!

  4. Oh, I wish I could touch the pages - they cry out for a feather touch.

  5. Wow...they turned out great! Judy is such an inspiration. I love what you did with yours, especially the calligraphy

  6. That book is wonderful! I just love how there is so much personality in everything about it! I have a hard time being creative and letting myself "go" so to see so much expression just fascinates me and I just love it! And I hope Ms. Stella got her wish!

  7. Stacy,

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog from Tara's. I did not know about Birdchick. You are right, my daughter is going to LOVE it. I really do appreciate the information and the thoughtfulness behind it.

    About the art, the drawings are line drawings found in children's poetry books. I drew copies of them to hang around my classroom.

    The class list sign was made by a friend of mine. If you click on the picture, her blog will pop up. She's amazing.

    Thanks, again.

  8. Ok. Now I am back from reading your post. I have to tell you, your art is remarkable. I am just swooning. Your calligraphy - oh my!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my cat blog and leaving your sweet comment! I just had to come and visit yours and had a lovely time. Your calligraphy and the fun before and after photoshopping is amazing and changes the look and feel so much. I'd love to have the time to learn something new like that...

    Sad about the tree hackers, the secluded view you have lost, but glad you were there for that little hummer! Sweet about her using the raw silk to secure her egg...

    One should end each day helping someone take care of their "pet" better, that is my goal each day as a vet tech and you did that on that day :-)

  10. oh wow, i am soooo honoured that you like my atcs,your art is stupendous!!! and would love to give you the flowers, write to me and maybe you also do atcs to swap? if not, no1-4 are all yours!


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