Sunday, October 12, 2014

Today's the DAY!!!

It's been a long journey this.
From May
I came home from Blog Paws so enthused and instantly signed up to be a foster mom
Six kittens materialized the very next day

Two were painfully lost and I learned so very much (trial by fire) and knew then that I wouldn't be able to do this ever again.  BUT I could do my very best with the ones I had left.

Winston, you were so very small but always full of love and trust

your sister Cosmo was more fearful...

It was love at first cuddle and we knew you were the most special of felines

So inquisitive, open and fearless
You were the leader of the pack

And still a mama's boy

such a giant world to such wee tiny beings

And this face...

 and this motorboat

still sometimes wary

and eventually full immersion to my 'mom lap'
And now with utter JOY I am happy to report that you both will be furrever together
on your way to your new furrever home.  I know they got you all new stuff, A climbing tree, new litter boxes, food dishes, new toys!  You will have so much fun ruling the roost with each other and your new pawrents.   
***reaching for kleenex box now-damn***

I have no other words to give you
no other things to teach you
(Winston, please remember to stay out of plastic bags even though you love them)
(Cosmos- remember to stay open with your heart and give those tiny mews to your new mom who will melt instantly as I do every.single.time.) 

And if ever you need to come back here; my door is always wide open to you.
I love you both so very much.



  1. ::sob:: BUT, so thrilled that the Kids Are All Right . . . and together furever! You did a good, good thing, Stacy. Those kitties will have a love-filled life cause you gave them a love-filled start. Godspeed, Babies!

  2. Oh so bittersweet! We're SO happy that they found a home together. And they will be the best cats...because they had such a good beginning. *sniff*

  3. Dear Winston and Cosmo,
    Be of good faith, remember to ALWAYS throw up on linoleum and never bite anything bigger 'n' you!
    Tell your furever mom and dad that you sleep best in their laps and that you DON"T like dawgs! Tell your furever mom and dad that your Stacy mom is the kindest kitty lover in the world and that you want to bring her a mouse should you ever actually meet one.

  4. geez - mom had to go get a tissue. We wish them forever happiness in their new home. You did a GREAT job with them. Mom says fostering isn't for weenies and we give you high paws for stepping up for this crew. It can be so very hard but seeing them grow into kittens ready for their own adventures has its rewards as well. Best wishes kittens!!!

  5. Paws up and good wishes to you both in your new home! It sounds like your new humans love you very much already.

  6. My, they were with you quite some time weren't they.. You did good for them, and it will make such a huge difference in their lives. Their new family might never fully appreciate all you did for them, because it will seem that is just who they are, but a good start in life makes for a life time of love and purrs.

    Job well done.

    *hands over another tissue*

  7. Hooray for Winston and Cosmos! We are so happy you have found your furever home!

    Our mom bean says bless you to your bean for taking care of these babies until they could find their place in the world.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Good luck in your furever home cuties!

  9. ::sniff::

    Bon Voyage!! On to new and more complete domination!

  10. ::Sniff:: Where is that damn Kleenex box?

    You did a great job my friend, they are ready for the world, filled with lots of love.

  11. We're leaking tears, but so happy they are together!
    Well done Stacy, well done.

  12. Concatulations on your new home! We are so glad you got to go together. And it sounds like the new pawrents are well prepped for your arrival.

  13. Ohh... it's SO HARD, We know! I've dropped off fosters myself while sobbing and sniffling. You did a good thing and they will forever thank you! Sending lots of hugs. :) - Alana.

  14. de best oh fishes two ewe winston & cosmos....we hope ewe can send sum text messages ta stella frum time ta time N letz uz noe how it goes.....happee gotcha day !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Remember everything that your Mom Stacy taught you! She's smart.
    I'm glad you will be together forever.
    Bittersweet moment.

  16. YAY! Such exciting pawesome and wunnerful news!!! That's the bestest kind of bittersweet story!

  17. Made my eyes leak. Such love for such innocents. <3

  18. Excellent job raising the babies! I love a happy ending.

  19. You were and are magnificent. You did a loving and beautifully caring thing. And wonderfully well.


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