Sunday, September 25, 2011

ManCat Monday Thankfulness

Well, ok, so you busted me.  We don't have any Mancats at the moment however, we want to share our thankfulness to one ManCat mom in particular today. 

Miss Rosemary, she is Mr. Pierro & Miles mum. She made me this quilted treasure! Isn't it cute!  I love all the work she put into it.  I must tell you all not to worry; even though it's hanging on the back part of the stove (I think they call it the back splash) since we don't cook it's perfectly safe there.  (You can tell by how clean the stove top is right? 

Here's a close up. 

See the darling lace she sewed in?  I LOVE it! 

In case you're wondering:  Yes, I make art quilts.  Yes, I've given lots away as gifts.  Yes, I  have lots of quilt artist friends and I can count on one hand the number who have made me something specifically as a gift.  And I count Miss Rosemary as one of these. 

Thank you ma'am! I love it.  I did write on the back your name, the year you gave it and why it was given in fabric safe ink.  You must remember to sign your work girl!  


  1. Wow !!!! Mom Rosemary is so sweet !!!! and the quilts looks so pretty !!!!
    Your human is so lucky, My mom is jealous right now. What a lovely gift : )

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    It looks lovely! Yoo don't cook? MOL!

  3. I think that is absolutely booteefuls. When my mommy was so busted up with broke stuffs, Miss Rosemary sented her one too. She is a dear dear mommy to Pierro and Miles, indeed. xoxoxox to my hero Miss Stella.

  4. Gorgeous! We love the colors.

    btw--our Daddy cooks if you ever are in Vegas...and hungry.

  5. Well we think you should count Miss Rosemary as a friend then (and a thoughtful one at that!).Sweet.

    the critters in The Cottage.
    P.S. LP doesn't cook either :p

  6. That is so pretty and such a nice gift!!! Did the boys help I wonder?

  7. That is so pretty!

    Why doesn't anyone cook?


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