Monday, August 15, 2011

Monarch Update!

Hey guys; That Woman here. 
Just wanted to let you know there is a Monarch Butterfly Map for their Fall migration (which started beginning of August. 

You can go on their website and see the maps where all the sightings are!  It's totally exciting to be a part of something really huge.  Even given that it's about something really small but Mighty.  I'm totally stoked that I was able to enter both my sightings (saw one today at work) and now they show up on the main map! 

Certainly, birds migrating is a beautiful thing; Ducks, Geese, etc.
But for something so tiny; you can't even say their brain is as small as a...? (cos I can't think of anything that small)  for an insect, to fly thousands of miles completely fascinates me!
I mean, I've seen them in my yard, they flit here, they flit there,  they go to the neighbors yard, then come back, looping and gliding.  They are like the worst 'Sunday drivers' of all time and yet they manage, year after year.  Astounding 

So... heads up



  1. Bee-yoo-tee-ful! Yes, it's almost incomprehensible that they could navigate all that distance.

  2. Your woman is so Sweet !!!
    Yep ! they are beautiful, and they made me drooling a lot ..sorry, I love crunchy snack !

  3. Wow! Sounds amazing! :D

  4. FUN! I'll have to chekc it out, I love watching butterflies flutter by!

  5. I love them..I wish I could see such a glorious sight.


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