Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Sun

That woman I live with used to buy all manner of yarns and sell the 'scarves' to other naked necked beings.   She kept my toy box boxes full with all the leftovers rolled into little balls. Occaisionally I had to endure her complaining when she would need to regularly fish them out from under the couch for me she apparently decided enough was enough.  She said she should use all those leftovers cos she paid a small fortune for all that fancy yarn.  So she got the long sharp sticks out again and took all the little balls & tied them all end to end.  You can bet I was immensley helpful in that task and of course my efforts were completely unappreciated!  She made a 'shawl' which she said was just a bigger neck wrapping.   . Well, I'm not one to brag; but you can see that I guard it well considering it's so valuable.  If you come to our house don't let her tell you it's my woobie.  That is simply ridiculous!  I don't even know what one is but it sounds far too kittenish for the drama queen stealthy guardian/huntress I am! 


  1. You look after that woobie - it is almost as beautiful as you.

  2. A shawl makes a lovely kitty bed too! And any piece of knitting looks truly dashing with an addition of nature-friendly fur!

  3. Oh how completely delightful a blog! I am so glad you came to see me, the Admiral so me and mommy could come and visit you.

    Yours furs are very beautiful and your woobie looks comfy to guard and take care of..and consequently to nap on.




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