Friday, May 07, 2010

Pass the Ben & Jerry's (Cherry Garcia)

I don't know why... (most likely as Terry Pratchett says you can't map laughter)

But this single LOLcat made El laugh so hard that it not only brought tears to her eyes but then her laughing made me laugh 'till I cried and it's become a standing joke at our house ever since.

*sigh* but I digress.

I hate those times when you feel as though you are slogging uphill through an avalanche while wearing cement shoes.

I knew yesterday I had an important deadline for a quilt entry I was really looking forward to. So after arriving home; eating dinner, I went online, opened my projects and the online entry form from the site to get it done. I started to complete the forms when all of the sudden I realize the only key that is responding is the 'L' key and when I strike it, it's typing 'lo'. Even after attempting my normal work around for this problem (which basically involves striking it harder and faster) the only response I got was lololololo. Which only reminded me of Lilo & Stitch when Nane calls Lilo a 'Lolo' head for being silly which I find completely appropriate for my reaction.

I come to be aware that every time I strike the l key, my fingertip feels funny too. Upon inspection, I see that is because it's wet. "*F***!*" "Every cat in my house better be finding some place to hide really fast right now!!!" I scream. I've completely HAD it with this! This keyboard is toast! And this keyboard isn't even mine! It's the one I had to borrow from work as they all ready ruined mine a three weeks ago by this same means of sabotage! "*F***!*" OH, and just so you might know, I've had to resurrect the CRT monitor we had out in the garage. After an apparent re'tail'iation last week when I had foiled their assault on the new keyboard with a plastic bag; they peed directly onto my flat panel monitor & shorted it out, completely ruining it! This is not something I can afford to replace; so I'm left with this CRT which was originally banished for jumpy picture & inadvertently shutting off if it feels like it.

I have told my cats that Little Saigon is not far away & there are a couple of them I could sell BY THE POUND & could easily get enough to replace the monitor and BOTH keyboards!!! Note the stress level here kicking up a few notches? Ya... I'm NOT HAPPY! **deep breath**

So, I go in and ask El, 'Wanna drive me to wallymart so I can get a cheapo keyboard?" She nods, and off we go. I couldn't believe they actually have keyboards that are $11.00. Some how only having to spend $11.00 of our grocery money isn't so bad. So we get home and I plug the keyboard in to finish my applications that were all ready in progress, and my computer says it must 'install the new hardware'. It's a feckin keyboard... what's to install? I don't know, but it took over half an hour to do it! I was seething but onward!

I finally got the application parts completed & two sets of photos uploaded; I uploaded the last set & clicked submit and do you know what happened? Nothing. Nada. It went back to the main screen page for the entry where all I got was a little green line that said 'Sorry, that action is not allowed'. Apparently, during the course of my tribulations, they stopped receiving entries.

About that time; my daughter came running out from her room into the kitchen. She knows I will occasionally swear. But she was hearing words and phrases she'd never heard from me nor, she told me later ever even had heard at her school. Strangely I was perversely proud of that. But I was crying by then too and it wasn't just the stupid website, the stupid computer, the stupid cats, the stupid economy, it was just the last, stupid, straw... Later that night in my private journal I used an entire page in caps wondering how often and how many conjugations I could use the 'F' word. And you know what? There's LOTS! I felt a bit better, slept a bit longer and woke to a brand new day.

And next time; I won't wait till the 'last day' to enter no matter what they tell me.


  1. Awww, Stacy! I hope everything gets better real quick. And you find a pee-proof way to use your computer.

    I wonder why the computer? None of mine have ever shown any interest in it since they were tiny and chased cursors. Maybe your cats are smarter than mine and are just expressing their frustration at the lack of opposable thumbs.

  2. I love the connection to Little Saigon, made me chuckle. As I told you, I take my keyboard out with glasses of wine - and there is no local place to send me, just France. This too shall pass - don't you hate that term, but it will. j

  3. Oh, I got a book for you! Well, I don't *have* it, but you know what I mean...

  4. Well, they haven't peed on my keyboard but they vomited on my camera dock, but luckily I found one on eBay for $15. They do make skins for keyboards or you can turn it upside down when you aren't using it...we're just sayin'

    ps: thanks for all your fun comments on my kittyblog!

  5. Teri said it for me. I have a skin on my laptop keyboard. I do because I pound so hard and use the tips of my fingernails to type that I literally wear off the key's letters. I had to buy stick-on letters for the keyboard and then apply the skin so that me and the keyboard will live happily ever after.

    Admiral's Mommy.


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