Friday, July 03, 2009

Paw it Forward?~ Count us in!

My cat Stella (that's her in her second favorite box) had heard about this Paw it Forward thing going on in the Cat Blogosphere and after she visited Furrydance she decided we needed to be in on the fun too! BTW: Furrydance is where they have the most handsome Devon Rex Mancats (even when one is doing his impression of a Scottish fold)!

So now it’s our turn to have fun pawing it forward to the next animal lover blogger. We’ll send something fun to the first one who posts a comment here saying that they wanna participate in Paw It Forward. In turn, to keep the spirit of Paw it Forward going, you must then post about this on your blog, link to us, and then send something to the first one who signs up to play along with you!

Them's da rules. There’re no cost restraints, BUT don’t go crazy! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found. Maybe something unique from where you live? And, remember that kindness doesn’t have to involve money; there’re a lot of ways to help others every single day, everywhere you go. Keep the fun going and let us know if you wanna Paw It Forward!!!


  1. Stella looks so cute in her box! We wish we could participate in your Paw It Forward but we are already participating with Samson and Delilah from The Monkeys and Mommy said it's not nice to be greedy so she said we can't get something from you too.

    Angel & Isabella

  2. ...Our paws were a little slow in wrapping up your present...but it got in the mail today and you should have it by the weekend...

    Ps: we purrsonalized the card wif our toofers...

  3. dat will be our favoritez! toofers! whoot!


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