Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Catio Visit!

oohohoh! it's the mom's leg
her gams are unbelievably taasteee

hey! where'd she go?  



The elegant Mr TJohnson 

I love this shot; you can see CC's face and his paw of 'i'm so outta here!'

The Baby gettin some warm sun on her furrs

The SSM Ling

Thank you so much Trish for the tour!  Loved seeing all the kittys again in furson AND seeing both you and hubby! 

Ollie sends his undying gratitude for the Valerian fix and now refers to you as his 
'main squeeze pimped dish!'


Here's a shot of the quilt hanging up and with the camera flash. 


  1. My human loved her Catio visit too! She only got to see May Ling for a second - you lucked out by getting more of her!

  2. The Catio visit was the highlight of Vegas! It was so gracious of Trish, Scott & the Horde to invite us in. We even got to see Scouty until Scott stuck his hand through the cat flap - then there was nothing but an orange streak.

  3. Our mommy loved visiting the Catio! She loved May Ling and would've brought her home if there was room left in her carry on! The quilt you made is gorgeous - JB's mom and our mommy snuck a peek in there at it.

  4. guys....glad yur mom haa grate time, a soooper awesum visit N de quilt iz rockin.... !!!

    and in honor oh R pal Godzilla’s new movie debute two day….heerz ta a dragonfish kinda week oh end !!

  5. That had to be so much fun!

  6. Great pics of the loungers!

  7. Great photos. We love how nearly everyone shared their catio photos all the same day, too! Going from blog to blog today has been Katnip Lounge all the way, which has been totally pawesome!

  8. What an awesome visit and fantastic photos!!!
    Love that cool summer haircut!
    : )


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