Friday, April 15, 2011


Come here~

Do you see this?  This is called grass

YYyyyeeeessssss.....  that's right; you can even lay on it!

This is called  being outside

come on then...

you can do it...

I know it's hard especially with your legs and fingers all wobbly from the withdrawals...   but since your interwebz haz been broken for three days you could come outside and see what the world looks like... out here...

Our friends in CBland will understand.  There's a good girl..


  1. Remember, the grass always look greener...hey, wait a minute, your grass is greener!!!

  2. I bet your human join you : ) My human love it too and I'm a big fan of grass.. Short grass, High grass , Lack of grass...All do to me..Just be outside and enjoy the sunshine .
    Have a lovely day Sweety

  3. Oh Cod, I bet the Human is all pasty white and possibly's never pretty when they emerge from the innerwebs cave, shaking and sweating.


  4. Oh my Cod! I am all fainty just LOOKING at that grass. I have never even SEEN grass like that, not even though our dining room window that looks out on the neighbor's eensy back yard. That looks, that's what that looks like.

  5. Looks lush and edible. xox


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