Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Early Christmas Gift!

To Myself!  I guess I'm entitled to this small thing during the holidays right???  LOL  Anyhow; I purchased this lovely turquoise bracelet from Sharla at BeadedTail;

(p.s. that's my grandmom's wedding band  I wrote about here: the other bracelet is from Ireland and it is the Children of Lir swans I bought after I made the quilt)

I LOVE her stuff and it is priced to fit my single mom, it's Christmas, now the car is making a funny noise budget...  What I love almost as much as my darling new bracelet is the adorable way she wraps the box with enchanting paw print wrapping paper and red satin ribbon .  And then there's this:
I love dat widdel piddy!  He's fuzzy!!!
Sharla, if you're reading this; I'd like to order another bracelet just like this one and  since my BFF wrists are 'freakishly small' it should be 6 1/2" I'm thinking.  :)  Let me know  xoxo  


  1. cute is that widdle kitten! And lovely bangles, too!

    And Fangs for your bidding on Mr Brighterpant's Auction!

  2. I'm so glad you love your bracelet and the little card! It looks really good with the other bracelet you have on too! I can certainly make another one in a shorter length for your BFF. I'll work on it tonight after work and be in touch!

    Thanks again!

  3. Love the bracelet - Sharla has some cute items in her shop - love the little kitty cat earrings.

    The card is so adorable - "I thought I saw a puddy tat!"

  4. I also love they way she packages her products. It makes the whole thing so much more special!
    And that card is so cute.

  5. beautiful bracelet! It looks so perfect with your other bracelet! Sharla does lovely work!

  6. Admiral's Mom here: I wrote her and told her how much I loved her presentation as well. I was enchanted with it. Love you both bracelets but her work is gorgeous. I got some earrings.

    Admiral says much love to all of your furbabies and human babe.


  7. Sharla does such beautiful work...she has made more custom pieces for me than I can count....very nice write up on her...she is one very special gal!


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