Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update S.O.S.

I am truly speechless!

GREAT NEWS!!! Jenga's Surgery is scheduled for this Friday! From my blog post yesterday and the power of the web via Tweets, re-tweets & Facebook Jenga has received $259.00!!! That coupled with the generous donation from her prior owner of $400.00 puts us nearly there!

I can't thank all you of enough for the generosity of your hearts & pocketbooks! You truly all will have done something remarkable for our little girl & I KNOW she'll be so happy after her surgery (well, not the part with the 'cone of shame') to be able to stretch out on the bed & play chase in the house again and be all chirpy!

Thank you again for everything!!!

Next week I shall be compiling the list of things I get to make & send out. I'll be emailing those of you that donated but didn't leave your physical address to receive your art!

Meeeyaow! Tonight we rest..


  1. Then we all left crossing our fingers and paws so that her surgery goes all fine.

  2. I didn't see the original SOS but I'm glad others did! I'll see what I can send and get it off to your email address!

    P.S. The link to my cat quilt post on your previous post doesn't work.

  3. Oh Sharla! I'm so sorry!!! I thought I checked it too! I fixed it now though. :) Thanks~!!


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