Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pillow Case binding?

Ok; I'll admit it... I'm not a good traditional quilter. I would like to be. I know many women who are and I should take better notes. But here's the deal; why piece and get all fancy when you can fuse??? (smirk~chortle)

But every now and again I like to try my hand at the more traditional quilts to hone my skills. I do love all the seams and finished edges. They always look so clean.

The proposal: A dear friend's son & daughter in law just had a new baby boy. His name is Nash (how cool is that!) My friend the grandpa, asked me to make something. He even pays me! Whoot!

The contract: So; I'm making this adorable baby quilt out of an Alexander Henry's "peacable kingdom" panel, a series now discontinued so no room for screw-ups.

The preparation: After thinking about it and planning to put a pieced sashing around the panel to set it off, I figure I'll do a pillow case binding rather than a traditional one so the edges would be softer.

The work: I used my 'triangles on a roll' to create the sashing of gold & red that create 'points' of color. I love using those & simply forgot that you don't need much of the basting spray to hold the paper down on the fabric. Something I should have remembered because later in sewing the right angles together the fabric that had the spray on it would stick like crazy to the bottom of my presser foot giving me fits. It wasn't till I was nearly finished (and had tried many tricks to stop this sticking with no luck) that I tried the 'sewers aid' on the presser foot, and that worked like a dream. But i digress... I sewed the lines perfectly; cut them all apart & spent an evening watching 'Narnia' with Ellen while I peeled off all the paper.

After I sewed enough together for the sashing, I realize I had made way more than I would ever need! *remember; not a traditional quilter; math skills of an over caffinated monkey... not perfect* After pondering on this surplus for a minute or two it dawns on me---I'd always wanted to do prairie points on a quilt. I decide to put them around the top right and lower left corners of the blanket!

Sounds so cute doesn't it??? I put them on pinning carefully. I then stitch the layers together leaving one end open to turn the thing right side out. *fingers crossed* Ta~da! I am astounded that they came out absolutely perfect and adorable! Now I wish I had done them all the way around!!! There's just one teensy, eensie, weensie, problem... I've sewn the batting to the wrong side. I now have to take the entire thing apart & redo it.

I should have known;

it's me

and it's a traditional piece

and I can hear the math gods laughing hysterically

I'll post photos when it's done. oy-vey!

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