Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Road to California!

Woot! Our exhibit for "Our Noble Elements" will be on display January 17- 20th at Road to California. The second largest quilt show outside of Houston. I am honored that my piece "Flights of Fancy" will be shown.

Here it is!
311/2 high x 37 W
Title: Flights of Fancy
Completed 12/2007
Materials used:

Duck cloth; commercial batik prints.
About the quilt:

When I considered this challenge, my first thought ran to birds. My favorite among them being the Raptors. I have been studying North American Raptors at length & wanted to illustrate the singular beauty and perfection that is the bird's wing. I incorporated my love for drafting; pen & ink illustration and calligraphy in this DaVinci style rendition.

Material is duck cloth partially bleached to give parchment effect. The image of the wing, graph and words were all drawn by hand with a pencil first; then inked in with permanent marker. The individual feathers were hand painted using a combination of Liquitex paint & calligraphers ink. The Irish Insular plaits were bias cut and fused on by hand.


  1. Wow, this is very unusual. I love the way that you've incorporated the drafting, words and diagrams into the piece. I've never tried drawing with an ink marker on cloth, figured it would bleed. What kind of markers do you use? Do you talk about this technique in your book? I haven't heard of it.

  2. I used fine point sharpie marker in brown. In the very first month of my blog you can see other works I did with my own calligraphy. Some were my calligraphy nibs dipped in bleach, some were Pearlescent acrylics; and Children of Lir was actually a fabrico pad that I watered down (it was all I had at the time)

  3. Oh, Stacy, this is very cool! I'll have a booth at Road, so I'll be sure to take a break and look for your piece.


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